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25 May

30+ Dynamite Diorama Resources!


Kids love creating dioramas. It’s a fun and creative way to show off what they have learned. Here are some useful resources to get started.

After I saw how long this post was I knew I should have put all of these links in a LiveBinder. Especially because I have more to add. I’ll get to this soon.


Diorama Ideas at First Pallette Great ideas!

Field Journal Dioramas  Includes great printables!

Jim’s Mini’s Great to build and use for interesting dioramas

Jennifer’s Printables more minis!

Triarama Template and Ideas Great for book reports and more

3-sided diorama template Small for a quick diorama

Crayola Triarama interesting seasons idea

Another Triarama

Ocean Diorama A great beginning that could be added on to.

More Ocean add-ons

5 dioramas from Enchanted  Learning

3 Crayola Dioramas could be used as starters

Dinosaur Diorama In color…just cut and glue.

Crayola Dinosaur Diorama shows lots of layering

Making a shoebox diorama and more Lots of helpful ideas.

Giant Panda Diorama

Brazilian Rain Forest save those paper towel rolls for this one.

Outer Space Diorama

DLTK Dioramas with templates

Under the Sea Tutorial

3-D Picture Box

Box Living Room

Habitat Dioramas with animals

Pop-up Scene

Miniature Parade Floats Really cool idea!

Great for Easter featuring Peeps. TOO CUTE!

Shoebox Diorama with a peep hole

Coral Reef cute, not realistic. Shows different ways to display contents.

Diorama stand-ups to print

Make a town 10 houses, eight stores and a library to cut color and paste

Museum of Childhood

Nintendo Dioramas Kids will love these

Tips and Tricks